18/3 Unshielded CMR Thermostat Cable Solid...

18/3 Unshielded CMR Thermostat Cable Solid Copper PVC 500Ft


Our Thermostat Wire strips easier, resists tearing, and reduces burn-through resulting in time labor and material savings



* 18 AWG

* 3 Conductor

* Thermostat Solid Wire


* 500 Ft Spool

* UL Listed


The 500Ft 18/3 Unshielded CMR Thermostat Cable is a type of cable used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to connect thermostats to heating and cooling equipment.

The cable is 500 feet in length and contains two solid copper conductors with a gauge size of 18. The conductors are unshielded, meaning there is no additional insulation or metal layer surrounding them. The cable is also rated as CMR, which stands for "Communications Multipurpose cable, Riser-rated." This means it is designed to be installed in vertical riser spaces, such as those found in commercial buildings, without posing a fire hazard.

The conductors are covered with a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulation, which provides protection against moisture and abrasion. The PVC insulation is also flame-retardant, which makes it suitable for use in HVAC systems.

Overall, the 500Ft 18/3 Unshielded CMR Thermostat Cable is a reliable and durable cable that is designed for use in demanding HVAC environments.

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