50Ft RJ6 Quad Shield Coax Cable Black

RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable Black


RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable 50Ft-1000Ft

Cable Length
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High-Grade RG6U 3.0 GHz, Coaxial Cable
Suitable for Digital HDTV Applications, CATV, Outdoor TV Antennas and Digital Satellite Installations
Fully Sweep-Tested to 3000MHz
18 AWG Solid Copper-Clad Steel or Bare Copper Core
Aluminum/PET-Foil Bonded Shield
60% 40% Aluminum Braid Shield
Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Insulation
CM Rated

What is the maximum lenght for coaxial cable?
Depends on the data rate.The higher the bandwith, the shorter the lenght will be. For example
analog standard definition television will run 1000Ft on a good quality, but HD video is limited
to 300feet.


RG6 Coax with Bare Copper versus Coax with Copper Cover Aluminium
Utilizing an RG-6 CCTV coaxial cable with a copper covered aluminum braid does not result
in compromised electrical performance when compared to an RG-6 CCTV cable with a bare copper
braided shield. Insertion Loss, Return Loss and Characteristic Impedance performance all meet the
industry standard requirements.

The only difference between the copper clad aluminum braided product and the bare copper braided product is
the shield DC Resistance. As a result, the recommended typical run length for the CCA shielded cable is
up to 600 ft. versus 750 ft. for a copper RG-6 coax.

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