Hobbes GIGAtest-E (RoHs Compliant)

Hobbes GIGAtest-E (RoHs Compliant)

Part number: E-650-R


GIGAtest-E is specially designed to test the full range of the ever-expanding Ethernet cable
configurations. It will identify if the wiring of UTP/STP cables are straight-through, 10/100BASE-T
crossover, or 1000BASE-T crossover. With the included Remote unit, cables can be tested either before
or after installation.

In just seconds, the GIGAtest-E will verify compatibility of network cabling and network devices, as
well as determine cabling faults. The GIGAtest-E is a must-have companion for today

RoHS compliant. Hobbes E-650-R GIGAtest-E LAN Network Cable Tester provides Main and Remote units for
one-person testing. This GIGAtest-E cable tester determines suitability of cabling for 1000BASE-T

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