Cat.6 Shielded Keystone Jack RJ45 110 Type Expand

Cat.6 Shielded Keystone Jack RJ45 110 Type





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Cat.6 RJ45 110 Type Shielded Keystone Jack is 8-position 8-conductor (8P8C) and designed for computer networking. It is engineered to provide full shield protection and reliability, supporting up to Gigabit Ethernet applications. The advanced printed circuit board design is tuned to provide optimum signal quality with maximum headroom, allowing it to exceed TIA/EIA Category 6 performance standards. Use with BestLink Netware Shielded Ethernet cable.

* CAT 6 rated connectors provide excellent performance for data networks requiring maximum speed and bandwidth
* PCB technology provides maximum performance and superior signal quality
* Terminate with 110 punch down tool
* 4 x 4 termination layout
* Includes an integrated TIA-568A/B color wiring diagram
* Backwards compatible to all lower rated category components
* Termination cap included
* Individually packaged
* UL listed