RG 11 Compression Connector

RG 11 Compression Connector

Part number: C4270013


The PCT DRS-11L coaxial cable connector works with RG11 coax cable
The PCT DRS-11L coaxial cable connector works with RG11 coax cable. It features locking mechanism to retian torque for the longest lasting connections.
These connectors are used for easy "F" type terminations in many different coaxial applications including coaxial jumper cables used for antenna, cable, and satellite tv installations.

In addition to the torque retaining features, PCT connectors also offer superior sealing protection through dual compression rings and dual O-rings. Our specially designed post allows the O-ring, located in the face of the connector, to seat inside a small chamber allowing a true metal-to-metal contact with both the post and the face of the port. Typically, most moisture enters through the threads of a connector. Our dual O-ring design eliminates the need for an additional weather seal. PCT is one of the few manufactures that maintains a high pass rate on the SCTE IPS moisture migration test without the use of weather boots during testing.

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