25Ft Cat6a Plenum Ethernet 10GB Cable

25Ft Cat6a Plenum Ethernet 10GB Cable

Part number: 627025-BL


This Cat6a plenum cable is a blue UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) solid cable. Cat6a cable includes a spline and ribbing to help ensure separation between the pairs which limits cross talk. The individual conductors are 23 AWG solid pure copper. Pure copper conductors provide the best signal possible.
Plenum Cable:
Cable that is run in the plenum spaces of buildings. In building construction, the plenum is the space that is used for air circulation in heating and air conditioning systems, typically between the structural ceiling and the suspended ceiling or under a raised floor.
Unshielded 4 Pair 23AWG Category-6A
NEC Article 800, ANSI/TIA/EIA 568C.2 Category 6A,11801:2002 Category 6A, UL 910:CMP Rating
Supports all CAT6A applications including Ethernet 10 Gigabit, 100BASETX, 100BaseVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, AES/EBU Digital Audio, AES51, RS-422
ETL Listed, RoHS Compliant

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