1000Ft Cat6 Plenum UTP Copper Bulk Cable Yellow Expand

1000Ft Cat6 Plenum UTP Copper Bulk Cable Yellow




Part number: 643000-YL

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This Solid UTP (unshileded twisted pair) Cat6 Bulk Ethernet cable is perfect for structured wiring installations. Category 6 cable 
was design to perform at frequency of up to 550Mhz and offer higher performance for better transmission of data at speed up to 1000Mbps.

Ethernet Plenum Cat6 Cable:  Plenum cable is cable that is laid in the plenum spaces of commercial and residential buildings
(dropped ceiling, raised floor). The plenum space is typically used to house the communication cables for computers and telephones.
However, these plenum spaces can become fire hazards. Since plenum spaces hold a fresh stream of oxygen, if a fire hits a plenum 
space, the oxygen can feed and spread the fire through the entire plenum space throughout the structure. Plenum cable is coated 
with a fire-retardant coating so that in case of fire it does not give off toxic fumes as it burns. For this reason, plenum cable 
is used instead of regular cable to meet fire codes in place for laying communication cable in plenum spaces.